Take a few moments and to close your eyes and picture a person 70+. Now, if that picture is what you are happy to become at 70+ that’s okay, but if you don’t want to become like that vision, then you must change that vision in your head, because that is what you’ll become at that age. One becomes what one expects to become. If that vision doesn’t please you for your older age then, instead of allowing that original vision to take centre stage in your mind, create a vision that reflects what you would like to become when you are 70+, for if you don’t your mind will simply automatically take you to that previous vision.

Your mind is very powerful and it will bring to you anything you want, if you focus on it. Start thinking about how you want to be in the future. Your mind needs direction. Search for a role model a good 10 or 15 years older than you. Remember ‘as ye think so shall ye be.’