I wonder what you think about difference. Many human beings have difficulty coping with difference. Many see difference as something to be avoided at best, and annihilated at worst.
How do you see difference? Do you see difference as some dark night invader ready to swallow you up at any second, or assault you, or wipe you off the face of the Earth? Or do you see difference as highlighting the diversity of life, like a colourful display in a country garden?
For me, difference serves to relieve us of the monotony of sameness and to escape rigidity of thought and to shake us out of complacency. I see difference as a catalyst for growth and the enhancement of the spirit and for injecting spice into life and for stimulating ideas. I see difference as fostering compassion, increasing understanding and illuminating what we have become, good or bad.
As I see it, rejecting difference ensures stagnation, the repetition of sameness and a life of continued monotony. Thank God for difference!