It’s now countdown time for the INBA Pro-Am World Championships in Dubai and I’m tired, excited and apprehensive all at once. Training, including posing and routine practice is taking up a great deal of my time. There is however something I’d like to report and that is, that lately I’ve noticed a change with some young people at my gym. Those around 20-25, have been taking an interest in my training etc. In fact, quite a few of these young people have asked me all the details of what I’m doing and how I got started. Maybe it’s because they can see a more positive stronger image for their future than the aged stereotype would have us believe.
At the other end of the spectrum, a lady around 50 approached me last Friday and told me she was so excited about what I was doing because she could see that she could be strong and fit in her older age. She went on to tell me about her sister who was about the same age as her, and that her sister’s bones were now crumbling such that she had become very weak, in fact incapacitated. She said that she told her sister about weight resistant training (WRT) but her sister was not the slightest bit interested in WRT or in going to a gym because she had a poor opinion of gyms and of those who attended them. It always surprises me that some people think this way about gyms. In fact I’ve met quite a few. On the up side the lady in question seemed excited about her gym adventure and her new vision of her older age. She certainly saw WRT it as vital for a strong, healthy and vibrant future.