When I retired I was keen to keep my fitness and shape and imporove both if I could and being of a small frame I was also concerned about my bone density and the possibility of osteoporosis.
I had heard that Weight Resistance Training (WRT) was good for bone density and for body shaping but I was reluctant to go into the weight room because I felt a bit intimidated by the predominant male environment in the weight room at the time. However one day shortly after I retired this feeling of intimidation bolted out of me like a streak of lightening in reverse.
On this day I was walking to my car after an aerobics class, it was late morning, the day was bright and sunny and the gym car park was full of cars. As I was approaching my car I heard a timid little voice say, “I won’t be a moment Deary.” I turned my head and looked down in the direction of the voice and I saw an elderly woman trying to pull herself out of the back seat of the car parked next to mine. I waited patiently as she laboriously worked on puling herself out of the car.
When she eventually managed to get out, she stood teetering on two heavily veined legs that were as thin as toothpicks. Her arms were similarly thin and heavily veined and what flesh she did have hung on her body in crumpled clumps. She stood teetering as her support person walked towards her and offered her his arm. The last I saw of this little frail old lady she ws leaning on her support person and shuffling away. It was then, at that very moment I decided I was not going to be like her. I was not!
That was the moment I resolved to start doing WRT and become a bodybuilder. However being so small, slight and older I was concerned that the bodybuilding trainer would laugh at the idea of my becoming a bodybuilder, but thankfull he didn’t laugh. He simply said, “Let’s do it!” and after short amount of time I was deeply engaged in WRT and on my way to becoming a bodybuilder. After 15 years of WRT I’ve won seven world titles in my age group and I’m competing this year at age 70. I’m still small, I weigh only 47kg but I’m strong, muscular and in shape. Check out my website (www.janicelorraine.com.au) to see me at age 67. I’m pretty much the same now but perhaps a little stronger. You most certainly do not have to be weak and frail at 70!