We all have different childhoods, some far better than others.   During our childhoods we learn ways of coping and operating depending on whether we are nurtured and praised or bullied and demonised.  Those who’ve been bullied and demonised often tend to view life less confidently and calmly than those who’ve been nurtured.  “The Misfit” tells the story of a young man who was an only child in a well to do home who was brought up to feel a second class person.  He was given second hand clothes to wear and second hand toys for Xmas.  He was also given square toed rugby boots to play soccer and an imitation soccer ball to train.  He also was also given hand me down board games with pieces missing for Xmas.  “The Misfit” personifies this young man’s reaction, which results in a fight between his current behaviours and a positive force which is attempting to help him find a positive way forward.