I would not let one day go past without doing my facial exercises. Exercising the face daily keeps its form and flexibility and its muscles functioning and also avoids developing a set expression.
The muscles on the face, like the muscles on the body weaken and sag without exercise. When the muscles sag the face droops and the form of the face is lost. Many people say, “Why should I worry about exercising my face. I can have a face lift.” I’ve no argument with face-lifts but what face-lifts can’t do, without enormous expense, is reconstruct the form of the face. If you regularly exercise your facial muscles you’ll keep them strong and the form of your face in-tact.
If the muscles on your face have been kept strong through regular exercise, the form of the face will still be present at the time of the face-lift and the face-lift can realise a great result. If on the other hand the facial muscles have sagged and the form of the face has been lost, the result of a face-lift can be a tight skinned hollow and distorted look, often leaving one less attractive or in some cases hideous.
Without regular exercise, the muscles on the face not only sag, they become weak and don’t function at all well. I’ve done facial exercise sessions with women who can no longer wink because the muscles controlling their eyelids have become too weak to function.
I’ve also noticed in facial exercise sessions that some participants’ facial muscles have become so inflexible they can hardly move their face in one or more directions. The mesage is clear, in the case of the face, you either move it or lose it!