Some of you might say, “I could never be exciting, let alone excited about me! I’m boring. I’m useless. I’m old and have no confidence. I’m anxious and fearful and only mediocre at best.”
To these people I say, “You can be exciting.” All you need to do is to engage in something you find exciting and you’ll find yourself both excited and exciting.
So think of something you might find exciting and set about engaging in it.
This doesn’t mean you have to start doing flamboyant, eccentric or amazing things or involve yourself in some death defying activity. Not all of us are excited by flamboyant or arduous or terrifying feats. Different things excite different people and you’re the only one who knows what excites you. Don’t let stereotypes or the expectations of others dictate what is considered to be exciting. If you find something that excites you and engage in it, you’ll not only be excited but also exciting.