At 69 I am healthy, strong, energetic and in-shape. Next year at the age of 70 I plan to compete again in natural bodybuilding. Being in good shape both physically and mentally is certainly worth the effort. It opens doors that would otherwise be shut. It also creates possibilities and opportunities and provides a framework for living. Many older people in particular find themselves no longer feeling useful, relevant or worthwhile and many focus on what they once were instead of focusing on becoming more of who they are. Age doesn’t have to determine anything. It can be only a number and you can be more excited about yourself than you ever dreamed possible at any age, 30,40,50 60,,70+.

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2 Responses to AGE IS NO BARRIER

  1. Barbejoy Ponzio says:

    Hi Lorraine,
    Bravo to you for your courage, determination, and out-of -the-box attitude.

    I am going to be 72 in August and parallel your thinking. I’ve been an athlete and dancer all my life. I simply was born to move and am still doing that now. I enjoy hiking with my dogs. I just bought a stand up paddle board and cannot wait til it arrives.

    Have a great day! Barbejoy

  2. admin says:

    Hi Barbejoy,

    How wonderful to see you living the vibrant, exciting life you want to live. Keep on keeping on. You are an inspiration! Every Best Wish Janice

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